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Do You Need to Sell an Item? We Can Help!

We can post your item on our's how:

  1. Please email contact information, description of item for sale, item price and picture to Cecil Coates at [email protected].
  2. This website will only be responsible for listing your item for sale.
  3.  Potential buyers will be given your contact information for questions and to complete the sale of the item.
  4. There is a one time fee of $35 to post your item for any amount of time. This fee should be mailed to our mailing/billing address. No item will be posted until fee is paid.
  5. Please direct questions and/or concerns to Cecil Coates.

Other Services

  1. Cabin Antiques may buy your items directly.
  2. Cabin Antiques may be interested in items for trade as well.
  3. Need advice on an item-contact our office directly.
  4. Unfortunately we do not do returns.
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